2015-2016 Classes

CHEF Classes for Winter/Spring Semester

Classes will be every Wednesday at Community Evangelical Free Church, Platteville for twelve weeks beginning January 6, 2016 and ending on March 24, 2016. Class time is 9AM to 12 PM.

The class fee for members is included in the $25 membership fee. Non-member fee is $25 per family for each semester to help with expenses. There may be other fees supplies, books, etc. depending on the class.

To register for classes please click on the link below.


If you do not want to sign up for a class during a particular hour, just leave the selection blank.  If you have more than 5 children to register, you will need to fill out the form a second time.


Class schedule is as follows:

For Middle school to high school age

Drama –9AM Cameo Cartwright and Rebecca Swanson

Writing Class – 10 AM Rebecca Swanson

British Literature – 10AM Amanda Flessner

PE – 11AM Rebecca Russell and Tricia Cartwright


For ages 8 to 12

Drama – 9AM

PE  – 10AM Rebecca Russell and Tricia Cartwright

Science  – 11AM Apologia Chemistry and Physics Veronica Hooks

Math Fun – 11AM Rebecca Swanson and parent volunteers


For ages 5 to 8

PE – 9AM Veronica Hooks

Science – 10AM Apologia Chemistry and Physics Veronica Hooks

Math Fun – 11AM Rebecca Swanson and parent volunteers


Preschool will be 9:30 to 11AM

Jamie Del Balso, Ellen Wiegman


Nursery will be for children 5 and under who are not in a class.

Mom’s fitness class will be continued at 11AM.


Class Descriptions

Physical Education 

Teachers:  Rebecca Russell and Trisha Cartwright

Recommended for:  All age groups

Have fun learning skills, drills, games, and exercising with your peers!


British Lit                                                                                               

 Recommended for: middle school to high school

Teacher: Amanda Flessner                                                                                      

 The class will be reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. This novel is about a boy who joins a ship’s crew to search for buried treasure, but there is a pirate amongst the crew who would have the treasure for himself. Find out if the boy can foil the pirates plans and gain the treasure. Please be prepared to read through the book and join in discussion each week, as well as completing several essays and various assignments.


Writing Class

Teacher: Rebecca Swanson

Recommended for: Grades 7-12

Grades 7 to 8 will focus on creative and essay writing. Students will be given homework assignments to complete each week.

Grades 9-12 will focus on basic essay writing and advanced essay writing for scholarships and ACT, and a formal written report.


Drama Class                                                                                          

Recommended for ages 8 to high school

Teachers: Cameo Cartwright and Rebecca Swanson

This will be a time when we work on your character development for the spring play.


Chemistry and Physics 

Teacher:  Veronica Hooks

Recommended ages: 5-8 and 9-12 (two classes)

We will be using Apologia, Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics textbook. Parents are encouraged to purchase this book so they can read along at home with their children. Class time will be used for journaling and labs.


Math Fun

Teacher: Rebecca Swanson and parent volunteers

Recommended for ages 5 – 12

This will be a time to learn and review math facts with the use of games and music.


Preschool Class 

Teachers: Jamie Del Balso and Ellen Wiegman

This class will be 1 1/2 hours long (be on their own schedule) and include movement/gym/active time for the 3-4 year olds. We will use God’s Little Explorers, so parents can follow along at home too – if they want. There will be hands on/discovery activities, snack, music and movement, Bible, art and more! Offering this in the spring also will be determined at a later date.

Here is a link to more information about God’s Little Explorers:http://www.motherhoodonadime.com/kids/gods-little-explorer-preschool-curriculum