Article 1 - Name, Purpose, Location
  • Section 1 – Name.
      Tri-state Homeschool Network is changed to Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF).
  • Section 2 - Purpose.
      CHEF is a Judeo-Christian based unincorporated nonprofit association that exists for the purpose of encouraging homeschool families based on Biblical principles.
  • Section 3 – Definition of homeschool.
      The parent(s) must be in compliance with their state’s law to operate a private home-based education.
  • Section 4 – Location.
      The organization may have any number of meeting places as the Executive Committee (EC) may determine.
Article 2 – Statement of Faith
    The purpose of the CHEF Statement of Faith is to state the governing principles by which CHEF will operate.

    1. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    2. We believe in Jesus Christ – the holy, sinless Son of God and only Savior of mankind.
    3. We recognize the Bible as the source and authority of the governing principles of this organization. (2 Timothy 3:16)
Article 3 - Membership
    Section 1 – Application.

      New and returning members will fill out an application. Application for membership is indication that you will agree not to dispute the Christian principles contained in the Statement of Faith. Scholarship funds are available for those not able to afford the membership fee.
    Section 2 – Membership requirements:
    1. Must be operating a Homeschool with at least one child or grandchild or considering to Homeschool.
    2. Must pay dues in full at the time of Membership Application. No refunds.
    Section 3 – Other information on membership:

    1. One vote per membership application.
    2. Membership runs June 1 to May 31.
    3. Must agree not to sell or rent the membership directory.
    4. Families can apply for membership at any time during the school year. The fee will remain the same, regardless of the time of application.
Article 4 - Officers of the Executive Committee
    Section 1 – The officers of the EC shall be president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
    Section 2 – Requirements to be an officer:

    1. Must affirm in writing their personal agreement with, belief in, and acceptance of the Statement of Faith.
    2. Must be a current homeschooler and has been a member of this group for 1 year.
    Section 3 – President

    1. Shall convene and preside over membership and EC meetings.
    2. Determine and post agenda on email preferably no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
    3. Schedule meeting and place.
    4. Co-sign the bank account with the treasurer.
    5. Recommend direction for CHEF.
    Section 4 – Vice-President

    1. The vice-president will fill in for the president any time the president is not able to attend a meeting.
    2. If the president is unwilling or unable to fulfill the president’s duties, the vice-president will fulfill the role of president for the remainder of the term.
    Section 5 – Secretary

    1. Take and file minutes for every business meeting. Minutes will be posted on email no later than one week after the business meeting.
    2. Coordinate with the president on preparing business meeting agendas.
    3. Provide paper applications.
    4. Maintain all official documents.
    5. Assist the leadership with preparing and retrieving documents.
    6. If there is a website, the secretary will maintain the website or the secretary can appoint someone to take over this job.
    Section 6 – Treasurer

    1. Collect and disburse all funds.
    2. Give an accounting of all funds and their use at each business meeting, or when asked.
    3. May not disburse any funds of CHEF unless a receipt has been produced by the member.
    4. No disbursements shall be made by cash.
    5. May disburse funds for recurring monthly expenses specifically printing, postage, drama needs, and facility rental without continual board approval.
    6. Maintain all financial receipts and documents for the current and previous years.
    7. File 990-N for the Association by January 15th.
    Section 7 – Officers will not be compensated for their service.
    Section 8 – Removal of officers.

      If an officer is being charged with any felony or misdemeanor, they will be removed from office. Upon acquittal, the officer will be reinstated unless the officer’s term has ended. Upon conviction, the officer will be permanently removed from office.
    Section 9 – Vacancies.

      If there are any vacancies, other than president, the same procedure will be followed when electing officers in May.
    Section 10 – Officers will serve a term of two years.

      The rotation will be President and Treasurer elected on odd years. The Vice-President and Secretary will be elected on even years.
Article 5 – Meetings
    Section 1 – Business meetings will be held in September and May or as determined by the EC.
    Section 2 – The May meeting shall cover the following:

    1. Review end of the school year financial report and adjust budget accordingly.
    2. Vote on membership and non-membership fee for the next school year.
    3. Election of the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer by ballot vote, simple majority of those who are present at the meeting.
    Section 3 – Quorum. Three-fourths of the EC must be present to conduct a business meeting.
Article 6 - Voting
  • Section 1 – Voting issues require the simple majority of the members present at the meeting.
  • Section 2 – The Purpose, Statement of Faith, and requiring officers to sign agreeing to the Statement of Faith will require unanimous consent of the membership to amend.
Article 7 – Dissolution
    The approval of 2/3 of the total membership will be required to dissolve this Association. Upon dissolution, all liabilities and obligations of the Association shall be paid first. Any remaining funds in the treasury shall be distributed among other non-profit organizations that allow our members to use their facility.

Dated: May 2014