Second Semester Registration and Updates

Hello, homeschool families!

I hope all your families had a blessed Christmas break. The second semester for Christian Home Educators Fellowship will soon begin! Below is information on classes, the fundraisers, and other events.


Registration day is on Wednesday, January 18th, 10:30AM – 11:30 AM in the Community E. Free Church (CEFC) fellowship hall and there is a potluck lunch following. If staying for the potluck, please bring a main dish and a side, or a main dish and a dessert. Lemonade will be provided. You may register and pay for classes on registration day. You may register online for classes, and are encouraged to do so at this link:

Classes will begin on Wednesday, January 25th and continue to March 29th. Teachers may arrive at 8:30 to set up. Classes will begin at 9:00 AM.

We will have an open assembly time in the fellowship hall at 8:45/8:50. Please attend the open assembly time in which there are important announcements, opening prayer, and verse of the day. If any family would like to volunteer to share a verse for the day, please let Ellen Wiegman know. I would like to see families participate in sharing a verse or very short devotional, or word of encouragement before classes begin at 9AM.

There will be nursery as long as there is an adult worker in the nursery.

Each family (if they have not already) will receive a copy of the policy handbook, and will need to sign that they have read it.

Families will help with lunch cleanup, room cleanup, and child supervision. Parents and students are responsible for cleaning up the classrooms before they leave! This is an important job, and teachers should not have to clean the room all by themselves. No one is excused to leave the area until the room is clean (all garbage picked up, floors clean, tables clean, chairs put away, supplies put away).

Children must be supervised at all times! Children may not roam the building. Only teens may have the privileges to use the chat room, and be outside unsupervised during the CHEF class and lunch time. Teens may not wander in the building.
During drama practice, everyone will stay in the fellowship hall (or the room where practice is being held). There are restrooms in the fellowship hall, and an outside exit, so there is no need for students to leave the drama practice area.
Parents will be expected to take turns being hall monitors to make sure the students are getting to their classes, bathrooms, water fountain, and to run errands for teachers in need of supplies.
The fees for the co-op classes are as follows: $50 per family per semester for non-members. Members pay $10 per family per semester, plus each family will do fundraising. If your family does not want to fund-raise then there is an additional $50 fee. We do encourage all families to help and be involved with fundraisers that we have as a group. There may be an added supply or additional fee for some classes. Payment is due by the second Wednesday, Feb. 1st.

The yearly membership runs August 1st to July 31st. If you would like to join CHEF as a member, the fee is $30 per family per year, plus fundraising.
CHEF does not want fees to be a burden on families. If so, please speak privately with a board member or the treasurer, so that fees may be less of a burden. In non-members wish to participate in CHEF activities there may be a fee depending on the the event.

We had two fundraisers last semester. We earned $600 from the Fudgeraiser. Thanks to all the families who participated in selling fudge!
We had the Holiday Bazaar and earned $400. Thank you to all who participated in the bazaar! We are grateful!

I hope to schedule a couple of field trips. So, look for announcements on those. I will be setting up a tour of the Telegraph Herald newspaper in Dubuque in February.
I will be calling the Animal House traveling critters of UWP to see if they can come on a pot luck day for a presentation.
Please keep the drama team in your prayers as they practice for this year’s play “Get Smart”. The performance in scheduled for March 10 and 11 at the Platteville Municipal Building.
Remember the Heart to Heart mothers’ time meets the second Tuesday of each month. This is great time of encouragement, fellowship, prayer, and fun.
Looking forward to another great semester! Keeping you all in prayer as you homeschool, and teach your children in the Lord!

In Him,
Ellen Wiegman

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